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World Bank Lying on Eradicating Malaria?

If this article in The Independent is correct - and there appears to be no reason to doubt it - then it is a scandal:

"The world's largest foreign aid organisation is accused today of deception and medical malpractice that has contributed to the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of children from malaria.

The World Bank, which has a $20bn (£11.2bn) budget and a mission to reduce poverty, is alleged to have published misleading financial claims and false statistical accounts and wasted money on ineffective medicines for treating the disease, which kills more than a million people a year, 90 per cent of them children."

So much for the humanitarian efforts of the World Bank and the now so-oft repeated pledges to help African countries overcome poverty, malnutrition, medical ailments and diseases of various types.

Read the complete article here. And now here is a real challenge for neo-con President of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz.....


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