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AWB Inquiry: "Alex in Wonderland"

David Marr of the SMH was back at the Cole Inquiry into the AWB yesterday.

He concludes in his piece this morning that Alexander Downer's "evidence" - remember, he is supposed to be the Foreign Minister - was like "Alex in Wonderland, a most implausible tale". Downer's "evidence", or rather the lack of it, revealed Downer for what he is - incompetent. Downer also showed himself as being a pompous snob and living in an orbit removed from reality. As for "leading" a responsible Government department.....? Read Marr's incisive asssement here.

SMHs' Political Editor, Peter Hartcher heads his report on Downer's appearance this morning as "A minister like Magoo is relaxed and safe" and concludes that because ministerial responsibility has effectively disappeared under John Howard's prime-ministership, Downer's job is safe.


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