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A Ritual Going the Way of the Dodo?

Everyone is working harder and longer. Jobs are less secure. The pressure of meeting ever-increasing bills gets harder. The cost of living is rising. It's an endless spiral.....

The things we have grown up with are changing or disappearing altogether. Where will it all stop? And is our life-style altering for the better?

Adele Horin, in a perceptive op-ed piece in the SMH this morning, looks at the disappearing family dinner:

"THE family dinner, like the nine-to-five worker, is fast becoming a relic of the good ol' days, disappearing down the plughole of overscheduled and overworked lives. And the new industrial relations laws, which are boss-friendly rather than family-friendly, further imperil the evening ritual.

Now that individual workplace contracts can dispense with loadings for overtime or unsocial hours, some workers, hitherto protected, will be compelled to join the long-hours culture and, as a result, miss dinner with the kids".

It's a reflective piece and certainly food [no pun intended!] for thought. Read the complete article here.


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