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Iraq Invasion: For Better or Worse?

".... there is a real, abiding anger that the richest nation on Earth should have taken over their country and made them even worse off in so many ways than they were before".

So writes John Simpson, BBC World Affairs Editor in a piece in which he, in his usual sober and hyperbole-free words, describes the Iraq of today. And whilst he finds things on some levels better overall he sees a country sorely unhappy with the multitude of problems it now confronts on a daily basis.

Read Simpson's piece on BBC News here. It puts so much of what has been written of late in a context rarely to be read elsewhere. One can only despair at what a mess has been created in Iraq despite the Coalition of the Willing [well, essentially the US, Britain and Australia] still mouthing what almost on all levels is pure nonsense with more than an element of fiction and spin.


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