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Defining a "Humanitarian Disaster"

Writing in Haaretz Gideon Levy challenges the assertion being made by Palestinians, and many around the world, that Palestinians are facing a "humanitarian disaster". He rightly points to it not being suggested that there are food shortages and the like or that people are going hungry .

Levy says, however, that the "humanitarian disaster" for Palestinians is something else altogether....

"The real humanitarian disaster in the territories began a long time ago, and it is not hunger. Those who regard the neighboring people as human beings know this very well. It is true that the dimensions of the disaster are worsening, but that's been taking place over years, and the food index is not the only measure. The cessation of the flow of funding since the rise of Hamas might threaten to depress the economic situation even further, but the thought that if they only have enough food, their needs will be satisfied and our conscience can be clear, is outrageous.

"But even if they have bags of flour and rice, the living conditions of the Palestinians are chilling".

Levy has written a reflective article [read the entire piece here] and one which should give food for thought [no pun intended!]. As Passover approaches this week - which deals with escape from slavery and gaining freedom - Israelis might give pause to consider what Levy has written.


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