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Cruise "Control" and Scientology

The news that the wife of Tom Cruise has given birth to a child will only interest those who consider the lives of film stars [or as they consider themselves to be] of any remote interest.

What has made the Cruise-birth of some consideration is the brouhaha in relation to the impact of Scientology on the birth of the child.

The Independent decided to investigate the so-called Church of Scientology and concludes:

"The cult has attempted to intimidate news organisations who expose it. Last year, it threatened court action against Google, which had to remove websites that criticised the group. After a day witnessing what goes on on the inside, I realise it's little wonder the "church" needs to resort to such tactics".

Read the full rather eye-opening and frightening article here - and ponder how people can so easily be gulled into a religious belief [!] and the true "cost" of doing so. It does make one wonder about the adherents of Scientology......including some high-profile people apart from film-stars.


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