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AWB: Mark His Words?

With Mark Vaile and Alexander Downer to give evidence [?] to the Cole Inquiry into the AWB Food for Oil Scandal, today and tomorrow respectively, Tim Dunlop at his wonderful blog The Road to Surfdom [read it here - and regularly too] last Friday suggested the following:

"Let me save everyone the trouble of listening to the testimony by Mr Vaile and Mr Downer at the Cole Inquiry. I happen to have a pre-transcript of what they are going say:

I don't recall. I'm not sure. I have no recollection. Nope, I'm not getting anything. Um, no. Drawing a blank on that one, sorry. Oh Couldn't find the file on that one. Nobody told me. I wasn't aware. I could've sworn I knew that one. Hang on, hang on, I know this's gone. Sorry."

Listen out for and read the latest news today and tomorrow. Will Dunlop be right in his prediction? Most likely - a resounding yes!

Meanwhile, The Australian editorialises - "Time for Answers"- on the AWB scandal in rather bold terms today. Read the editorial here.


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