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A Human Rights Act for Australia

There are many in the Australian community who have for years now called for an Australian Human Rights Act.

New Matilda, an on-line publication [] - very well worth subscribing to by the way - has for some time been advocating that Australia should have a Bill of Rights - or what it prefers to refer to as a Human Rights Act.

For instance just the other day New Matilda had this notification on its web site:

"On Easter Thursday the Government announced changes to migration laws that breach the Convention Relating to the Treatment of Refugees 1951, further demonstrating why we need a Human Rights Act. Under the changes, all people arriving by boat would be removed to another country to be processed. The government will then pay other countries to accept refugees".

Today New Matilda launched a web site dedicated to a Human Rights Act being introduced in Australia and also containing not only the proposed legislation but a vast resource and array of matters relating to human rights. You can access this very worthy and worthwhile web site here.


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