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Blind Freddy Could Predict This....!

It will come as no surprise to read the following:

"Israel's unilateral plan to impose final borders will lead to another war in a decade, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview published on Saturday in the British Guardian and American Washington Post newspapers.

Abbas told Britain's Guardian newspaper that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will jeopardise the prospect of long-term peace if he refuses to negotiate an agreement Palestinians see as just."

So reports YNet - the full piece of which can be read here.

However one views the situation in which the Palestinians find themselves - including economic aid now being cut off from them - one thing must surely be a certainty. The Palestinians will not take anything imposed on them without a fight, whatever the consequences. Starving out the Palestinians [ie witholding aid monies] just seems plain dumb. The Palestinians will not readily acquiece just because some countries said they should. Someone will come up with aid - probably a country the West would rather not have "involved". Watch this space as, regretably, the conflict unfolds......


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