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The Two Sides to Pope Paul II

This past week has seen millions of Catholics commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Pope Paul II.

Many have paid tribute to the late Pope for, amongst other things, having built bridges of understanding between Jews and Catholics.

As Haaretz writes in this opening paragraph on the topic of Pope Paul II

"The first anniversary of the death of John Paul II was commemorated this week not only by millions of Catholics, but also by many Jews for whom his reign redefined inter-religious relations. However, last April's uniformly positive appraisals of this "hero of reconciliation" by Israeli and Jewish groups presented an oversimplified picture of a more complex reality. One year on, it is time to take a more critical look."

And the "critical look" that Haaretz speaks of [see the full article here] doesn't portray the late Pope quite in the same positive light as has been the case in the past. Indeed, it would not be unfair to say that the late Pope exhibited more than a degree of double standards between what he said and wrote and some of his actual deeds and actions.


July Canute said…
If you can find an example of the Jews saying anything nice about anyone else then I would like to see it. They are always on a jihad against Muslims, christians and everyone else on the planet including Catholics. They expect everyone else to like them as their entitlement but at the same time no one is to expect equal treatment.

The new Pope most certainly should not visit Israel. It is a terrorist state and the biggest problem that we have today.

If ethnic cleansing is wrong then what Jews are doing to Palestinians is wrong.

If terrorism is wrong then Israel is doing wrong.

If apartied in South Africa was wrong then what Jews are doing is wrong.

Jews should take a look at their own hatred and their own actions before they sit in judgement of the Pope or Mel Gibson or anyone else. Since when do Jews judge what Christians should believe. They are the only ones who could be so arrogant!

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