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The Media "Covering" Iraq: For v Against

"U.S. media coverage of Iraq is too polarized between "good news" and "bad news" and all sides are missing out on a complete picture, participants in a panel discussion organized by Reuters said on Wednesday.

That was one of the few points of agreement between journalists, a professional blogger and a U.S. military spokesman gathered in New York to discuss media in Iraq."

This report on Reuters [read the full piece here] gives an interesting insight into how media in the US is "covering" the Iraq War. At least in the States there is some debate about or airing of the issues surrounding the on-going War. Of course with Bush and Co being under "attack" for a range of matters relating to the Iraq War - witness this morning's news that Bush authorised a leak to the media - the issue has a degree of prominence in America.

Sadly, Australia's entry into the Iraq War, and its on-going commitment to it, hardly rates on the radar of the media.


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