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Be Gravely Concerned! Be on Guard....

John Pilger is no stranger to either speaking out or controversy at what he sees as injustices wherever and however they occur.

Pilger has recently written a critical piece in the New Statesman on legislation now wending its way through the British Parliament. As Pilger says in the first paragraph of his piece:

"People ask: Can this be happening in Britain? Surely not. A centuries-old democratic constitution cannot be swept away. Basic human rights cannot be made abstract. Those who once comforted themselves that a Labour government would never commit such an epic crime in Iraq might now abandon a last delusion, that their freedom is inviolable. If they knew."

Read the full article here - and be gravely concerned, and on guard, for what surely will be steps in Australia to follow suit in what is being done in the UK. All in the name of security and anti-terrorism measures!


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