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A Blot On Israel's Justice System

"Morally and legally, and from a democratic perspective, it is intolerable that someone who has been punished should be punished over and over again for the same sin for which he served such a heavy sentence. It should be remembered that it is precisely through the same argument of knowing state secrets that the Soviet Union prevented Jewish scientists from immigrating to Israel."

Who are we talking about here? None other than Mordecai Vanunu.

As the Ha'aretz article points out [from which the above quote is taken]:

"Vanunu was one of the very few prisoners in Israeli history whose sentence was not reduced for good behavior, nor was he given a single day's furlough. For many years, he was imprisoned in solitary confinement, which nearly drove him insane. Two years ago, he was released and asked to leave Israel".

For a country which espouses due processs as part of its judicial system and which is held up as the only democracy in the Middle East, the continued infractions on the liberty of Vanunu can only be described as a disgrace and a blot on Israel.

Read the full Ha'aretz article "Let Him Go Already" here.


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