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The "Israel Lobby" [revisited] - this time in Oz

I recently dealt with the furore in, mainly, the USA, following the publication in the London Review of Books, of an article by two well-respected academics relating to the "Israel Lobby" in the US and how it influences, amongst other things, American foreign policy.

If you want to follow the debate just Google "The Israel Lobby" and find many articles on the subject following publication of the article.

Now, today, The Australian, has published a feature article on the "Israel Lobby" and its impact in Australia.

As the author writes:

"An Israel lobby also exists in Australia, though it is far less influential than its US counterpart. The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council claims to represent the interests of the Jewish community in Australia and maintains strong ties with the Labor and Liberal parties. Its executive director Colin Rubenstein explained in 2003 that there is an "affinity between Australia and Israel, almost an overlapping destiny". As a strong advocate of the Iraq war, Guantanamo Bay and military strikes against Iran, AIJAC's agenda has dovetailed seamlessly with the Howard Government's views, especially since September 11, 2001."

Read the complete piece in The Australian here. This is an issue which won't go away.


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