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And this is the Man Whose Advice George Bush Listened To?

The other day I had a posting about the so-called US Middle East expert and neo-con Daniel Pipes.

This just in from the Pittsburg Tribune-Review:

"Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from the Iraq war?

A: The ingratitude of the Iraqis for the extraordinary favor we gave them -- to release them from the bondage of Saddam Hussein's tyranny. They have rapidly interpreted it as something they did and that we were incidental to it. They've more or less written us out of the picture.

Q: How will we know when the occupation or the invasion of Iraq was a success or a failure?

A: Oh, it was a success. We got rid of Saddam Hussein. Beyond that is icing".

And this is the man George Bush listened to for advice pre the Iraq War and who still travels around as an "expert" onthe Middle East? More sadly, many groups, including some members of the Jewish community, have been gulled by this man and his views - probably because he is so pro-Israel and anti Muslim.

Read the full interview with Pipes here - and gasp!


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