Wednesday, April 04, 2007

US Supreme Court stands up for the polar bears

It's everywhere. The topic of climate change. It's a "hot-button" item as politicians around the world vainly, and cynically in many instances, try to grapple with the issue and business dances this and that way without coming to grips with a topic the general public has seized up with both arms.

Enter the US Supreme Court in doing its bit! As The Nation reports:

"The Supremes have spoken. George, we put you in the White House back in 2000, but we can't go along with your "junk science" on global warming. We order you and your weak-spined EPA to obey the law. Do something real about the climate-change carbon emissions from automobiles that are killing the polar bears. Or, if you decide not to do so, then give us an explanation based on science, not on the latest press release from your pals at Exxon Mobil.

How radical is that? Of course, the four Corporate Justices – Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito--choked and sputtered and pounded the bench. In the majesty of the Constitution, they insisted, this issue should never have come before the court. Leave it to the Congress. In the wisdom of democratic process, the lawmakers can decide whether to side with Al Gore and a zillion anxious scientists or the good folks from autos, oil and electric utilities who pass out the checks to deserving legislators."

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