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Snore! The ABC becoming dull and boring?

Robert Manne, professor of politics at La Trobe University, takes on the ABC for having become dull and boring as result of the political imperative of the right to tame it. No doubt the politicians are pleased to see anything edgy or too tackling of them disappear off our screens. We will all be the loser in both the short and long term.

"The right in Australia is greedy. Even though it now dominates political commentary on commercial radio and television and throughout the Murdoch press, for the past decade it has been conducting a concerted campaign to root out the pitiful remnants of left-wing thinking still found inside the ABC.

The long campaign has been conducted by Quadrant and The Australian; by think tanks such as the Institute of Public Affairs and the Centre for Independent Studies; by right-wing populist columnists; and by left-bias-sniffing Coalition blood-hounds such as Santo Santoro and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells. Crucial support has, however, been given by the Howard Government. To help bring the ABC to heel, it appointed three of the most strident right-wing cultural warriors in Australia, Ron Brunton, Janet Albrechtsen and Keith Windschuttle, to the ABC board. To ensure that the new board's proceedings could be conducted in secret, the Government abolished the staff-elected post."

Read Manne's piece in The Age here.


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