Sunday, April 15, 2007

Leading by example - not!

The Americans are forever asserting that they seek to bring the American way of justice, liberty and democracy to the four corners of the world. That is why they are engaged in so many wars or skirmishes around the globe.

This revelation of a massacre going back to the Korean War and the massive cover-up, as recently as a few years ago, will do wonders for the US pr machine - not! Sadly, another notch downwards in American credibility. Thanks to the relentless digging of Associated Press over the years has the full story been uncovered. Read the report on Editor & Publisher here:

"Six years after declaring the U.S. killing of Korean War refugees at No Gun Ri was "not deliberate,'' the Army has acknowledged it found but did not divulge that a high-level document said the U.S. military had a policy of shooting approaching civilians in South Korea.

The document, a letter from the U.S. ambassador in South Korea to the State Department in Washington, is dated the day in 1950 when U.S. troops began the No Gun Ri shootings, in which survivors say hundreds, mostly women and children, were killed.

Exclusion of the embassy letter from the Army's 2001 investigative report is the most significant among numerous omissions of documents and testimony pointing to a policy of firing on refugee groups - undisclosed evidence uncovered by Associated Press archival research and Freedom of Information Act requests."

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