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Alan Jones condemned - yet again!

PM Howard loves his "mate" Alan Jones as his preferred presenter on whose radio program he appears regularly.

Will he now be so keen to appear on Jones' program - showing some moral rectitude and condemnation of Jones' actions! - in the light of the finding by ACMA against Jones and his station 2GB? Probably not. Meanwhile, read the ABC report of the finding [and the link to ACMA's Report]:

"The Sydney radio station 2GB and its breakfast host Alan Jones have been found to have breached the commercial radio code by broadcasting material that was likely to encourage violence, in the lead-up to the Cronulla riot.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) examined comments made by Alan Jones after it received complaints from listeners.

The complaints related to Mr Jones's breakfast program during which he also read correspondence from some listeners.

During one broadcast Mr Jones encouraged a biker gang to turn up at Cronulla railway station to deal with those he described as "Lebanese thugs" and "scum".

The regulator has ruled that both that and other broadcasts encouraged violence and brutality and were likely to vilify people of Lebanese and Middle Eastern background on the basis of their ethnicity.

ACMA says while the issue being discussed was in the public interest, the comments were not presented reasonably or in good faith."

Now, look out for the penalty - not! The indications are that the Government will see to it that its mate is "protected" with no penalty to be imposed. Needless to say that would be disgraceful, as would the PM's continued appearance on Jones' program. What signal does that throw up?


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