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Alan Jones: Told you so....

Yesterday's posting about the most appalling racist comments by broadcaster [!] Alan Jones and the apprehension that Jones' friend PM Howard would jump to his defence, was spot on. As The Age reports:

"PrimeMinister John Howard has backed Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones as "an outstanding broadcaster", a day after the nation's media regulator found Jones was likely to have encouraged violence and vilification of Australians of Lebanese and Middle Eastern background.

"I'm not going to get involved in comments on individual decisions, but let me say this — I think Alan Jones is an outstanding broadcaster," Mr Howard said.

"I don't think he's a person who encourages prejudice in the Australian community, not for one moment, but he is a person who articulates what a lot of people think."

Forget about anti-vilification laws! Bigotry? Nah! Don't even think about revving up anti-Muslim prejudice. The PM has shown his true self again - a racist, who it may be remembered, readily adopted Pauline Hanson's policies and then used racism as part of the Tampa episode. It very much looks like the racist-card will figure as part of the upcoming election.

On another level read this disturbing aspect of the Jones affair and the media watchdog in this morning's Australian. It seems that it is who you know......


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