Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alan Jones [continued]

Alan Jones is at the centre of controversy - yet again! That the man is appalling is almost beyond question. What is perhaps even more troubling is that PM Howard and Communications Minister have failed to even remotely criticise Jones. In fact, the PM has give a vote of endorsement to Jones.

It is hardly surprising that the ABC program Media Watch weighed in on the Jones controversy last night:

"The immediate response from radio presenter Alan Jones to the members of communications authority ACMA, after 2GB was ruled to have breached its licence in his shows before the Cronulla riots, went right to the point. They can all get stuffed.

It's more than likely he'll adopt a slightly more conciliatory tone before the magistrate at his sentencing this week, for naming a child witness in a murder trial.

And they're just two of the problems surrounding the broadcaster right now."

Go here to view this very good Media Watch program.

Meanwhile Crikey looks at the Jones affair here whilst the SMH has a piece by Dominic Knight too, under the headline "A tale of two shock jocks" here.

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