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Jimmy Carter addresses that "a" word.....

Riz Kahn, one-time with CNN, interviews former President Jimmy Carter on Al Jazeera - as published on Counterpoint - on his latest book "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid" - and the "fire" the book has attracted because he accuses Israel of pursuing apartheid policies. All the usual shrill voices - like Alan Dershowitz, that ever-more disgraceful professor at Harvard University - have hoed into Carter and accused him of being anti-semitic.

Carter, to one of the questions, says:

"So the book applies to the Palestines. Secondly I use that word deliberately and it's an accurate description of the circumstances there because I wanted to provoke an almost non-existent debate and discussion in my own country.

Where rarely is any sort of presentation of the conflicting points of view that I see everyday when I'm is Israel, in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv or when I'm in an Arab country obviously or Europe. So I wanted this book to be somewhat provocative and that's why I used a deliberately provocative word."


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