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Israel wants to what? Support Mubarak?

Whilst everyone recognises that Egyptian president Mubarak is and has always been a dictator - and has been for the 30 years or so he has been in power - the general political commentary is that unless he does something drastic that his days are numbered. Even the US is now cautiously supporting pro-democracy moves, even if very, very late in the piece. Bear in mind that Egypt has over the years been the second-largest recipient of military aid from the Americans after Israel.

So, to read this about Israel's position is truly remarkable - or black-humour:

"Defense officials told McClatchy that they would do everything they could to help strengthen Mubarak, whose regime is under severe threat after six days of street protests demanded for his ouster. But it wasn't clear how Israel could assist Mubarak and not cause him further damage."

Read the full report from McClatchy "Egyptian upheaval a 'complete surprise' to Israel" here.


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