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Bye, bye Big Bird, Grover, Bert & Ernie et al?

It's hard to believe but the GOP in the USA wants to stop funding of NPR, the TV network which puts out Sesame Street and the other very popular radio program Morning Edition.

US ABC News reports [as reproduced on CommonDreams]:

"As the House prepares for debate today on the budget, Republicans are trying to cut off public funding for NPR and the Public Broadcasting Service, which run such iconic programs as "Sesame Street" and "Morning Edition."

Funding for Big Bird, center, and his friends from Sesame Street would be affected if House Republicans killl the federal subsidy for public television. (Todd Plitt/USA Today)
The House Republicans' budget would rescind any funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting -- which partially supports these two organizations -- for the remainder of the year, and zero out millions in funds after that.

This is not the first attempt by Congress to cut funding for what many Republicans see as liberal-leaning broadcast operations."


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