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Your taxes at work - not!

Crikey puts it all into perspective where the tax-dollars of Australians are directed:

"Name the federal outlay that increased by 24.9% in the past financial year ... Emergency housing? Aged care? Coastal surveillance? Nursing education?

No, none of the above. The answer's probably obvious when you think about it: advertising. In the financial year 2006-2007 the Howard Government spent a record $175million on ads. The biggest ad spend in the Australian economy. Top of the list. A figure that beat last year's biggest spender Coles by some $15 million.

Of course the feds are not the only Australian government lining the pockets of media operators with hard-earned taxpayer's dollars. The NSW government's $90million spend was a 19.7% year-on-year increase that took it to number seven in the top 50 published in the latest issue of the ad trade bible B&T. The Government of Victoria, well offf the electoral cycle but still with issues, came in at number eight, having reduced its spend by 2.8% to $75million.
Just to put all this in context, Coca-Cola Amatil is at 47 with a spend of $35million while David Jones managed to make Megan Gale the inescapable face of commuting with a mere $50million.

It's your money, we just thought you'd like to know."


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