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Overlooking troubling Pakistan

While there are obvious upheavals underway in Pakistan, Scott Horton, writing on Harper's Magazine - "The Pakistan Conundrum" - raises very critical questions about Pakistan, said to be America's best non-Nato ally:

"If you listen to the charlatans who regularly appear on American mass media as counterterrorism “experts”—you know, the ones who couldn’t explain the difference between a Sunni and a Shi’a Muslim, nor locate Waziristan on a map—you’ll hear them feverishly talk about the major centers of the terrorist threat. The litany will start with Iraq, and move quickly on to Iran and Syria. If you listen to those who actually have developed expertise in the area, however (and who rarely, if ever, make appearances on the media), you’ll see a quick focus on one country. It’s been called “America’s most important non-NATO ally,” and its leader is feted and received in the White House and makes an appearance on the “Daily Show.” It’s Pakistan."

The issues an questions Horton raises can be read here. Answers may be more elusive!


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