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Tanya Reinhart: A beacon in Israel

Professor Tanya Reinhart has just left Australia to return home to Israel - or at least the country which she has called home all her life and which she intends, sadly, leaving next year because of the policies Israel is pursuing.

The Professor gave a series of lectures and talks around Australia. Her views don't accord with the hard-liners in the Jewish community - hence them totally ignoring her "presence" in Australia - but The Age did cover her visit, here. The Australian Jewish News did have an item, including the misguided attack on Reinhart by the pathetic and limp ADC.

As noted in The Age:

"She said she could no longer live in Israel while it did what she said was the first attempt in history to imprison a nation with a wall that cut off villages from their farmland.

"This is not something I know from history, that you could control people by simply locking them in designated areas," Professor Reinhart said in Adelaide, where she delivered the Edward Said Memorial Lecture.

"This is not the imprisonment of dissidents but the imprisonment of a whole nation."

The theme of Reinhart's talk at the Seymour Theatre Centre can be found here. And if you are interested the Professor's just-released latest book, The Road Map to Nowhere, is available in bookshops in Australia.


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