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Condi behind the eightball

Condi Rice is presently in the Middle East, supposedly in an attempt to broker a peace-deal. One has to ask what credibility Rice brings to the table given her and the USA's action in the Middle East, generally, and specifically during the recent Israel-Lebanon-Hezbollah conflict.

This report in the LA Times would suggest that Rice will be "pushing" to gain any traction in her efforts:

"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, touring the Middle East in an attempt to build support for U.S. goals and allies, found herself Tuesday on the defensive about the Bush administration's search for partnerships and its efforts for democratic reform.

Meeting in Cairo with ministers of eight moderate Arab regimes, Rice was questioned on whether her desire to work with the countries masked an American desire to line up allies against the growing power of Iran.

The Egyptian foreign minister and dubious local media asked whether President Bush's campaign of democratic reform was nothing short of meddling by a country that doesn't accept election results it doesn't like."

Read the complete piece here - and don't hold your breath that Condi will achieve anything in her mission. How can she when she and the US aren't prepared to talk with the main players in the region?


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