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Critical questions which need to be asked

Matt Price, writing in The Australian:

"The Lowy Institute’s findings that most Australians believe the United States has too much influence on our foreign policy, and that the war in Iraq has not made the world safer, isn’t especially surprising or contentious (80pc believe Iraq war has failed).

What’s intriguing in Australia is the lack of political backlash against the Howard Government."


"Both Downer and John Howard routinely prevaricate when asked to reflect on the manifest errors in Iraq. They refuse to dwell on the past, preferring to conveniently focus forward and prosecute the “cut and run” case against Labor."

Read the complete article here.


Colin said…
Yes, bloody Howard's two stock answers to what he considers awkward questions: "I find that question offensive" at which point he walks away, and "the Australian people have moved on from that".

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