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Apple is fighting for all of us....

Electronic Frontier Foundation sent the following to its supporters:

"Dear Friend of Digital Freedom,

President Obama’s advisors may be split on the encryption issue, but we’re not. We believe all of us are stronger and safer because end-to-end and full-disk encryption exist. We want to create a world with more encryption, not less. That’s exactly why we’re supporting Apple in the battle against the FBI.

The fight is not about just one iPhone—it implicates the security of all technology users.

If Apple can be compelled to create what would effectively be a master key to unlock this iPhone, then the barrier will be substantially lowered for the government to order any company to turn its products into tools of surveillance—compromising the safety, privacy, and security of all Americans.

With your help, we were able to gather 100,000 signatures on our SaveCrypto petition—surpassing the threshold for an official response from the White House.

It’s been 143 days since our petition passed the mark. The Obama administration has asked for more feedback, but hasn’t given a substantive response. Since then, some of our worst fears have come true: in the wake of tragedy, federal prosecutors have tried to pressure companies like WhatsApp and Apple to defeat their own security.

It’s time for us to increase the pressure on the president, and we need your help to do it. EFF, ACLU, and Access Now are asking our friends to tweet this image at @POTUS."

See also "The Apple Fight Is About All of Us" here.


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