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One-man protest......proliferating

First there were the recent widespread protests in Turkey.    Now it's being emulated in Brazil.  People are simply not prepared to readily accept whatever their political "masters" dish out to them.

Back to Turkey and the now well-known Taksim Square in Istanbul.   A man to be admired.....

"'Standing man' protests are going viral across Turkey in a silent show of resistance amidst violent government raids on the country's expanding uprisings.

It started with one man who stood silently in Turkey's embattled Taksim Square Monday, facing the Ataturk Cultural Center which is cloaked in Turkish flags and images of Kemal Ataturk.

Performance artist Erdem Gunduz stood with his hands in his pockets in the ground zero of clashes, defying government orders to clear the park of protesters, part of the violent crackdowns led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that have left four dead and over 7,500 injured.

When reporters asked him why he stood, Gunduz responded, "It's evident. The people are not being allowed into Taksim."

Soon Gunduz was joined by others, who took up post around him.

The crowd swelled to hundreds as the hours past, and the silent protesters slowly filled the square. After eight hours, over 300 stood motionlessly in the night darkness.

At two in the morning police broke up the show of resistance. Ten people who refused to budge from their silent memorial were hauled off to jail.

But the silent protests did not stop there.

The 'standing man' went viral.

News of the silent protest spread across the internet, with a deluge of photos and updates posted to Twitter hashtag #duranadam, which means 'standing man' in Turkish.

People stood silently in cities across the country Tuesday, including Taksim Square where the peaceful protesters had been forced out the day before.

A woman in Ankara stood Tuesday in the place where a protester had been killed by police, ABC reports."


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