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CEO's put in a bid. More money please!

Breathtaking in its audacity.    But who is going to stand up to these creeps?

"A coalition of over 80 CEOs have launched an aggressive lobbying campaign aimed at fixing the economy - the one they've spent years stiffing and screwing up - with so-called "pro-growth reform” aimed at making themselves even richer and the rest of us, well, you know. Fix The Debt wants to cut programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and credits for working families and provide - yes! - more corporate tax breaks and tax haven accounting tricks because they've already helped us so much these last few years. They call this "a common-sense solution." Alternet has the ten biggest hypocrites - the likes of General Electric's Jeffrey Immelt, and their wondrous tax rate of just 2.3% on $80 billion in U.S. pre-tax profits."


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