Friday, July 09, 2010

Graduate....with a 1:70 chance to what?

Every university graduate aspires to making a success of his or her career path.

As a sign of what is wrong with countries which mindlessly encourage large numbers of students to attend university - coupled with the GFC and stretch economies anyway - The Independent reports on what must be seen as a depressing prospect for university graduates, let alone students working their way toward a degree.

"Graduates without a top-level degree pass will see their chances of getting a job this summer almost vanish, it was forecast today.

With record numbers seeking employment, the vast majority of employers are closing the door to any candidates with lower than a 2:1 degree pass.

Experts reckon around 500,000 graduates will be seeking a job this summer. The 420,000-strong class of 2010 will be competing against thousands left unemployed as a result of the recession from last year's graduates and some who have been without a job for two years.

They are facing a situation where 69 candidates on average are chasing every job – up from only 31 two years ago.

As a result of the jobs squeeze, nearly eight out of 10 employers (78 per cent) have slapped a ban on employing anyone without a 2:1 degree – up from 66 per cent last year."

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