Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bushisms now have competition. Palinisms.

The thought of even the prospect of an illiterate in the White House is enough to give one the shivers, but at least one would hoped that she could speak English. Sarah Palin, she from Alaska, and seemingly a twit and a presidential aspirant, seems to be competing with George Bush in her mangling of the English language.

The Age reports:

"The word ''refute'' was one of the most misused in the English language even before Sarah Palin came along.

Now the possible next president of the US has taken incorrect use of the verb to a new level by mangling it into a whole new word - ''refudiate''. At first, she appeared embarrassed by the linguistic slip, but she later chose to celebrate her inventiveness by comparing herself to literary giants William Shakespeare and, er, George Bush."

Continue reading here. Just take a deep breath as you do.

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