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Syrian war: We can't say we didn't know

Everyone in the world ought to hang their heads in collective shame as we watch the never-ending tragedy in Aleppo.     That the UN, or countries with backbone and principles - evidently none! - haven't stepped up to stop the wanton carnage and death and destruction is a disgrace.    And we all know what is going on! 

Sophie McNeill of Australia's ABC reports in "Syrian war: We can't say we didn't know":

"The Syrian regime and the Russian Government are ignoring calls for urgent humanitarian evacuations from Aleppo, as terrified civilians trapped inside the city send out desperate calls for help.

"Never again" is happening right now in Aleppo — right in front of the world's eyes and in real time.

Because while they have run out of hospitals, medicine and food, the people of Aleppo can still manage to get messages out online.

Each day this week, I have received desperate SOS messages from civilians in East Aleppo who are stuck inside what sounds like absolute hell on earth.

"There's a massacre on my street. People are injured. There's no one to help them. It's horrific!" one panicked voice message from a young media activist says.

Another WhatsApp text message pleads for advice.

"Someone told me the Government with its allies are approaching my house? What should I do?" a doctor asks.

Since July, I have been part of an online WhatsApp group chat, communicating with doctors, nurses, teachers and journalists who live inside besieged rebel-held East Aleppo.

Through this network, myself and other Middle East correspondents from organisations like the BBC and the New York Times receive hourly updates on the situation in the war-torn territory.

It's like observing a slow-motion horror movie with no end in sight.

"In short answer we are dying, tens of injured, killed, children in front of me," one medical worker wrote to the group yesterday.

They are meticulously documenting the unfolding slaughter to a seemingly unmoved audience (audience because if we don't act or don't care — that must be all we are these days?)."


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