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And this man is advising Trump?

It's hardly surprising that Trump's appointment of Michael Flynn as his Security Advisor is attracting flack from many quarters.   This piece from CommonDreams puts into context why.....

"Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security advisor "is a frightening prospect for anyone who values America's national security," more than 50 organizations wrote to President-elect Donald Trump on Monday demanding he rescind the appointment "immediately."

The letter points to Flynn's "history of bigoted and deceitful statements," opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement, penchant for "regime change," and his "alarming ties to foreign governments" as evidence that he is "a completely inappropriate choice to serve in the most senior national security position in the White House."

Given these concerns, the 53 progressive, religious, and peace groups, including American Friends Service Committee, Campaign for America's Future, and Win Without War, declare Flynn "unfit for serving in this critical post."

Elsewhere, Flynn's affinity for conspiracy theories has thrust the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency into the spotlight after fake news rumors spurred a weekend attack on a Washington, D.C. pizza place. Flynn frequently pushes such articles on social media, casting doubt on his ability to accurately advise the incoming president.

According to a Politico review of his Twitter posts, Flynn, who boasts 106,000 followers, has personally pushed "dubious factoids at least 16 times since Aug. 9."

"Flynn, has used the platform to retweet accusations that [Hillary] Clinton is involved with child sex trafficking and has 'secretly waged war' on the Catholic Church, as well as charges that Obama is a 'jihadi' who 'laundered' money for Muslim terrorists," note reporters Bryan Bender and Andrew Hanna.

"We are talking about some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories out there," former State Department policy advisor Peter Singer told Politico. "We are down the rabbit hole."

"How can you take him seriously when he is discussing people in D.C. drinking human blood?" Singer asked, referring to the fake news story spread by Flynn that Clinton advisor John Podesta took part in a Satanic ritual. "It is exasperating."


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