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Yikes!.....and Gasp!!! Sarah Palin for Trump Cabinet?

Hard to believe, but credible reports suggest that Sarah Palin could be offered the position of Secretary of the Interior in the Trump Cabinet.     

That the woman is nothing short of a dilettante and "drop-kick" - to use the expression by an Australian Cabinet Minister about Trump - is being kind.

Just consider and reflect on this collection of what Palin said back in collected on Alternet in "The 11 Dumbest Things Sarah Palin Has Said So Far".

"When Sarah Palin was first added to the Republican ticket, the McCain campaign went to almost comical extremes to guard her from press scrutiny. The Alaska governor was hustled through photo opportunities, kept from doing interviews and hidden from reporters at several events. Palin did prove adept at reading from a teleprompter in front of conservative supporters, though, so the campaign mostly had her do that.

When Palin finally made her teleprompter-free debut in an interview with Charlie Gibson, it became clear why McCain had effectively kept his running mate in quarantine: Palin was uninformed and inarticulate; she said embarrassingly stupid things; and she looked at Gibson as though he were pointing a loaded crossbow at her.

Since then, the Alaska governor has done little to dispel concerns that she can't articulate thoughts that aren't preprogrammed talking points. More than once, Palin has slipped into George W. Bush territory with statements so absurdly inane they seem closer to Dada art than standard political speech."


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