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Warning to Europe....expect extreme weather conditons

As we witness all manner of strange and unusual patterns of weather around the world, more than a timely warning to all of Europe to prepare for extreme weather conditions in the future.

"Extreme weather, high winds and flooding are causing increasing disruption and damage in European cities, and local authorities and scientists are being warned that they need to act together to lessen the impact.

Because storms do not respect country borders, regional long-term weather forecasting needs to be developed so that early warnings can be given for all areas that may be in the path of extreme weather, says the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA).

Starting immediately, all towns and cities across Europe should be assessed for their vulnerability to flooding and other hazards, according to DG CLIMA, which leads the EC’s efforts to fight climate change at European Union and international level.

When the storms come—as inevitably they will, with increasing frequency—these preparations will help protect people, electricity supplies and prevent disruption to roads, rail and underground systems. Emergency services will know in advance which places are most likely to need help.

Over the last three decades, Europe has already seen a 60% increase in extreme weather events, and one of the most dramatic documented examples comes from Venice, where the waters are rising and flooding is becoming a serious problem.

A century ago, there were only one or two floods a year on average. But in 2014, there were 125 in which the tides overflowed into the city—compared with only 35 in 1983 and 44 in 1993. Seven of the 2014 floods were classed as extreme, compared with only one in 1983.

European cities are the continent’s centres of innovation and growth. They house about 75% of the population and use about 80% of the energy produced."

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