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That Israeli Occuption. A call for action and the means for doing so....

Palestinian woman looks at member of Israeli security forces at Qalandia checkpoint. Palestinians wait to cross from West Bank to Jerusalem for Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, July 3, 2015.Abbas Momani, AFP Photo
More than an "interesting" op-ed piece "Amos Oz, to the Barricades: How to Bring Down the Occupation" in Haaretz - and, in reality, a challenge - on some constructive ways in which to bring about the end of what is now 50 years of occupation by Israel of Palestinian lands and its people.

"This is a proposal for action. It is based on three principles: One, what’s needed is a mass movement with the active involvement of Israeli VIPs. Two, law-abiding marches and petitions by themselves aren’t enough; the peace camp has to start raising some non-violent hell, and keep it up. Three, the goal is to rattle the Israeli political establishment, fire up anti-occupation sentiment abroad that will translate into pressure on Israel, and ultimately lead an Israeli government to sign off on a genuine two-state solution – one in which Palestine enjoys the same independence and sovereignty as that enjoyed by Israel and every other state worth the name.

The public figures mentioned above weren’t picked out of the air; they’re among the nearly 500 Israeli notables who endorsed a new NGO called “Save Israel, Stop Occupation.” SISO has the right goal and the right names, but what’s missing is ideas for action that could generate some heat. The organization suggests that supporters organize film screenings, art/photography exhibits, meetings with Israeli diplomats, campus and synagogue events, rallies. I’m sorry, but that alone won’t do it. Something much, much stronger is required."


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