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Beyond belief that anyone could even consider Trump as President of the USA

The brickbats and accusations against Trump could not be more blunt.   Paul McGeogh, writing on The Age website in "Donald Trump cuts out middlemen to become the Uber of right-wing politics from the USA" gathers together the withering and excoriating criticisms directed against Trump and the GOP.

"The moment is imminent – tension rising, fear palpable.

Judges are supposed to be restrained, decorous. But the diminutive, 83-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg​, a justice of the US Supreme Court, has gone off the reservation, denouncing Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump as "a faker [with] an ego".

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg calls presumptive US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump 'a fake'.
It's the job of historians to judge presidencies with hindsight. But this go-round they can't wait – David McCullough, the doyen of American historians, is casting judgment on the mere prospect.

In a Facebook video, McCullough declares: "When you think of how far we have come, and at what cost, and with what faith, to just turn it all over to this monstrous clown with a monstrous ego, with no experience, never served his country in any way – it's just crazy."

Political professionals cringe – some liken attending the Republican convention in Cleveland next week to having root canal surgery; others to jury duty.

"Would rather attend the public hanging of a good friend," says Republican digital strategist Will Ritter. "This ship can sink without me," says another.

An editorial in The Washington Post condemns what it describes as the "repulsive slobbering" of "me, me, me" groupies who want to be picked as Trump's running mate.

And accusing the GOP of having failed conservatives, Iowa talk show host Steve Deace​ laments: "Conservatism's role in the 2016 election is now over, while the idiocracy takes it from here."

Next week, we all go to Cleveland – for what?

The GOP – the Grand Old Party – is on the verge of anointing as its presidential candidate a man whose autocratic instincts move him to praise dictators and tyrants, who has no respect for the First Amendment, is a practiced liar, a misogynist, a religious bigot, a racist and an anti-Semite."


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