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Just another day in America's crazy Presidential election process

Guy Rundle, who writes for Australia's on line crikey, reports on the last 48 hours' odd and extraordinary "happenings" in the US Presidential race.......

 "In the past 48 hours alone, we had:

Donald Trump serve a libel threat, cease-and-desist letter on Ted Cruz, for an ad that consists entirely of footage of Trump saying he is pro-choice on abortion;

Cruz holding a presser saying that he would take the suit, and might even run the case himself, taking evidence from Trump himself;

Jeb tweeting a picture of a gift he was presented with -- a gun, engraved with his name. The picture was labelled "America";

Rubio laughing at an audience member yelling "Waterboard Hillary!"

Hillary running an ad with footage from a meeting where an eight-year-old girl says she's worried that her parents may be deported, and Hillary nuzzles her and says, "Let me do the worrying";

Team Cruz running an ad that "shows" Rubio and Obama shaking hands on a trade deal, which is a photoshopped stock image pic;

Trump saying he would "stay neutral" in the Israel-Palestine issue during a TV "town hall", which is like saying he would burn down the White House on the evening of the inauguration;

Accusations that the late Justice Antonin Scalia may have been murdered because the owner of the ranch where he died said he was found with a pillow "over his head" -- which was taken to mean "over his face";

The Pope and Trump getting into a war over Trump's call for a "all, a beautiful wall, which the Mexicans will pay for"; and

Much Twitter hilarity a la Trump saying "Well, he's not a great Pope, there are other Popes" etc, etc.

I don't think I've missed anything ..."


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