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Gimme me a break! Bert & Ernie are what?

There is just no telling what people will read into anything.

"Bert and Ernie. Gay? We always suspected, but we never knew.

In the wake of the US Supreme Court's landmark ruling to overturn the Defence of Marriage Act, New Yorker magazine has decided to answer the question.

In response, the magazine has put Bert and Ernie — the iconic residents (and roomates) of the long-running children's TV series Sesame Street — on the cover of next week's issue.

The cover image — titled Moment of Joy — depicts them sitting on a couch, Bert's arm wrapped around Ernie and Ernie's head nestled against Bert's shoulder.

They are seen watching the Supreme Court decision on a black and white TV.

The release of the cover image has provoked fierce debate in the US, about whether the image explicitly states they are a couple, or even whether Sesame Workshop — who own the characters — will sue the magazine.

The question of whether Bert and Ernie "are" or "are not" has persisted for years, fuelled largely by the fact that they share a bedroom, though it should be noted they sleep in separate, single beds.

Back in 2007, Sesame Workshop addresses the issue, saying: "[Bert and Ernie] are not gay, they are not straight, they are puppets. They do not exist below the waist."

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