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A lot to answer for in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been actively promoting itself as a visitor's paradise.    Lovely beaches, swaying palms, wonderful hotels and sites, etc. etc.  

Unfortunately Sri Lanka has a violent past.  The widespread violence toward its Tamil community - and in some respects ongoing.

"Australia has been called upon to toughen its stance on Sri Lanka when the island nation faces the United Nations next week over its alleged human rights abuses.

The US is expected to present a second resolution at the UN Human Rights Council on 4 March in Geneva, asking the Sri Lankan Government to honour its promise to the UN to initiate an independent investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity towards the end of the civil war in 2009.

A 2011 UN report said there was credible evidence that the Sri Lankan military was responsible for the deaths of at least 40,000 innocent Tamil civilians, and claimed the now-defunct Tamil Tigers may also have been guilty of war crimes.

A draft of the US resolution, recently made public, expresses concern at continuing reports of violations of human rights and threats to judicial independence and the rule of law — allegations the Sri Lankan Government denies."


"A letter signed by 133 Roman Catholic, Anglican and Methodist pastors and nuns in Sri Lanka has asked the UNHRC to set up an independent war crimes investigation, claiming the government is not interested in doing so.

Other organisations such as the International Crisis Group and Human Rights Watch have urged the countries attending the UNHRC meeting, including Australia, to implement stronger action this time."


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