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Media found wanting on those WikiLeaks

Australia's ABC's Unleashed column has a piece "Where's the media's backbone over WikiLeaks?" which, rightly, asks where the media are in dealing with the WikiLeaks being reported on so much front and centre of the news around the world. In most instances, missing in action!

"The rolling revelations of the WikiLeaks US embassy cables will continue for months but equally interesting is the reaction of the global media.

Many in the British media establishment, not given advance look at the documents, fumed against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and repeated government spin that the release would endanger lives. This is from media groups who claim to believe in press freedom and there is no evidence that any WikiLeaks releases have harmed a soul, something even acknowledged by the US government."

Also go here for a discussion on the ABC's 24 Hour TV News program The Drum program - where the author of the piece, above, is in discussion with a panel of journalists.

Judging by the avalanche of comments to the piece on Unleashed so far, it has resonated with readers.

Meanwhile at the SMH a poll of readers [some 7698 at the time of writing] comes to this:

"Should WikiLeaks be allowed to leak the sorts of information it has?

  • Yes 83%
  • No 17%


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