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The supposed #1 man in Washington not popular

Here we are on the eve of Trump's inauguration and the man isn't popular with the electorate..... and that overlooks the apprehension of various nations and people around the world about what this loose cannon (putting it mildly) might unleash onto the world.

"The buses and the polls tell a story: a slew of new polls confirms that for Americans, Donald Trump is not the best thing since sliced bread and for each bus registering for parking space in DC for Friday's inauguration, more than four have registered on Saturday, when hundreds of thousands are expected to attend an anti-Trump protest.

Struggling to get the usual A-list performers, Trump's inauguration planners are resorting to un-Trumplike expectations – the "all-about-me" President-elect wants the celebration to be "about the people, not about him"; and he wants "a much more poetic cadence than having a circus-like celebration".

So cutting their cloth to fit, they're working with what they've got, claiming to be "fortunate in that we have the greatest celebrity in the world, which is the President- elect".

But the new polls are hardly celebratory.

Confirming Trump's historic standing as the least popular incoming president in history, separate polls for CNN and The Washington Post put his approval rating at just 40 per cent – compared with Barack Obama's 84 per cent in 2009. And a Monmouth poll is even worse, putting Trump's approval at just 34 per cent.

And there's little for Trump to boast of when the polls drill down on issues.

While voter expectations are high for Donald Trump's handling of the economy, trade and terrorism, the proverbial hits ...

While voter expectations are high for his handling of the economy, trade and terrorism, the proverbial hits the fan on a range of other policies – the Mexican border wall, 60-37 against; tax cuts for big earners, 61-36 against; withdrawing from the Paris climate deal, 56-31 against; junking the Iran nuclear deal, 46-37 against; banning non-citizen Muslims from entering the US, 63-32 against; and even on the vexed fate of Obamacare, Trump is in front by just a single point – 47-46."


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