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Victory for the NRA, the GOP and gun manufacturers

Oh, when will the Americans wake up to themselves?     In the wake of the Orlando massacre last week - the latest in a string of killings using assault weapons - yet again the US Senate has failed to pass legislation which provides at least some limitation on gaining access to guns.     Pathetic!

"It was another great day for mass murderers – and a fine display of the self-serving hypocrisy of American politicians who mouth words of concern, but consistently refuse to act to curb gun violence.

The timing was exquisite – just hours before the US Senate revealed itself to be a pathetic instrument of a gun lobby untroubled by this country's extraordinary rate of mass killings, lawyers for weapons manufacturers told a Connecticut Court that, ahem, attempts to regulate firearms should be left to the legislature.

A divided US Senate blocked rival election-year plans to curb guns, eight days after the horror of Orlando's mass shooting.

The lobby's core creed, that there should be no regulation of weapons ownership, drove the proceedings in each forum."


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