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Houston (no, Israel!) we have a problem!

When a newspaper editorialises, as the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has (see below) in relation to the savage bashing of an Arab supermarket employee by 3 border policeman, you know that the country has a real problem.       

"This injustice is natural in a country where the prime minister makes a supportive phone call to the parents of a soldier who shot dead a dying Palestinian terrorist in violation of the rules of engagement, and in which that soldier is considered by many to be a national hero; in a country where the defense minister, who defended the rules of engagement, is ousted in favor of someone who demonstrates support for the entry of barbaric anarchy into the military’s ranks, and in a country where a senior opposition figure meant to offer an alternative government says that everyone who takes out a screwdriver should be shot. Such injustice is natural in a country that uses violence against Palestinians across the Green Line every day, and that promotes popular and institutionalized discrimination within its borders."


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The message is loud and clear....and as you watch this, remember that it was on Israeli TV - not some anti-semitic or anti-Israel program somewhere in the world.

Sydney's unprecedented swelter.....due to climate change

It has been hot in Sydney, Australia.   Damn hot!.....and record-breaking.    So, because of climate change?  Yes, say the scientists.

"Southeastern Australia has suffered through a series of brutal heat waves over the past two months, with temperatures reaching a scorching 113 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the state of New South Wales.

“It was nothing short of awful,” said Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, of the Climate Change Research Center at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney. “In Australia, we’re used to a little bit of heat. But this was at another level.”

So Dr. Perkins-Kirkpatrick, who studies climate extremes, did what comes naturally: She looked to see whether there was a link between the heat and human-driven climate change.

Her analysis, conducted with a loose-knit group of researchers called World Weather Attribution, was made public on Thursday. Their conclusion was that climate change made maximum temperatures like those seen in January and February at least…