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Two in touch and the other not!

The "election" of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour opposition Party in the UK has rocked many.     Here is a man to the far Left - and who does not fear speaking his mind.     He is also a man with many passionate ideas and ideals, agree with them or not.    

With the first Question Time in the House of Commons as the leader of the opposition, Corbyn showed who he was.    On the other hand, PM David Cameron showed himself up as being out of touch.

"I doubt many people woke up this morning envious of Jeremy Corbyn. After promising to change the ‘theatrical’ nature of Prime Minister’s Questions and faced with the initial task of reducing 40,000 submitted questions to six, the new Labour leader had his work cut out for him. All eyes were on him - and not many of them friendly.

What a relief, then, that he triumphed with a set of razor-sharp questions focused on the day-to-day lives of ordinary people. Fortunately for Corbyn, of course, this is an area that the Conservative party continually fails to concern itself with.

Cameron’s lack of compassion and stark inhumanity was obvious from the outset. His detachment from the reality of food banks and employment insecurity across modern Britain was more apparent than ever. Cameron’s responses were scripted and rehearsed, while Corbyn’s questions were plainly sincere.

This was most obvious when it came to the questions on mental health. Devoid of realistic consideration about the serious problems faced by those who suffer from conditions like depression and schizophrenia, Cameron offered warnings on Labour’s apparent economic incompetence in response to a question about the lack of access to mental health support. His stock answers, which may as well have been cut and pasted from a Tory manual, were insufficient in the face of Corbyn’s new, straightforward and honest politics. Study after study shows that Britain’s mental health is in crisis, with current estimates stating that 2 million more adults will experience mental health issues by 2030. Corbyn’s response to this crisis – the creation of a dedicated shadow Minister for Mental Health position – is practical and sensible. Cameron’s generalistic responses at PMQs, meanwhile, fail to inspire; little wonder considering his government has slashed mental health services."


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Credited to Mike Luckovich