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Jack, the cab driver

MPS was being driven to the airport the other day by a man in his early seventies.  

Turns out he was a Holocaust survivor, having been born in Poland in 1939, and shipped out to Russia with his family during the war.

Just imagine the trauma, and the after-shock, the taxi driver has carried with him all his life when he relates how he, and his family, returned to Poland in 1945 to their village, close to Auschwitz.   In an effort to locate missing family Jack's parents and he fronted at the notorious camp.   

There they found piles of bodies and an "unbelievable" stench.      

It's hard to imagine the effect the "scene" would have had on a 6 year old - who had already had his life turned upside down........ 


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Happy New Year....not?

Credited to Mike Luckovich